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Consider Getting Portable Wheelchair Ramps for Improved Mobility

For people who are handicapped, portable wheelchair ramps give access to places where wheelchairs or mobility scooters cannot normally operate. These ramps are useful over barriers like curbs, steps, interiors or cars and doorways.

Portable wheelchair ramps at must be of strong materials such fiber glass, reinforced plastic, or an aluminum ramp. These handicap ramps have to be rustproof, lightweight, but durable. A wheelchair ramp is supposed to have non-skid treads along with bumper guides to ensure safety, and it should be able to support weights between 400 lbs. to 800 lbs.

If possible, its weight capacity should be at least 550 lbs. See to it the ramp you purchase has a smallest carrying capacity that exceeds the weight of your wheelchair and your own weight all together. Several ramps are designed to be used for vacant wheelchairs. Go for a portable ramp that can accommodate your wheelchair's weight with yourself in it.

National Ramp can reach up to 10 feet long. When in use, they are supposed to lock securely, and then either fold, retract, or roll up for easy storing on a wheelchair or else a vehicle. A wheelchair ramp must have protectors at the edges. This is going to keep the user against falling off to the side. It should likewise feature a platform with a level end to allow the wheelchair to shift from the ramp into the street.

Selecting a ramp requires that you first assess your precise needs. It is possible that you just need something simple, so you can go across a step or a curb. Or maybe you require one that will provide you with access to a van. You also need to take into account the quality and durability of the ramp.

• Depending on what you need, there are different types of ramps you can choose from:

• A portable suitcase ramp can be packed and unpacked easily and it is used to gain access to raised landings, porches, or curbs.

• A multi-fold ramp provides access to vans as well as raised landings, and it can unfold to the length that is required.

• A telescopic track has two tracks that can be extended and locked so you can get into vans.

• A roll-up ramp is highly portable and enables wheelchairs along with mobility scooters to climb short steps, curbs, or vans.

• A threshold ramp facilitates access to thresholds for wheelchairs and scooters. Whenever installed , the doorway should normally continue to open and close.

On the other hand, track ramps are long and narrow. They come in pairs, one for each side of the wheelchair. Track ramps can be telescoping, or they can be folded into a compact roll.

Track ramps, on the other hand, is narrow and long. They are available in pairs, one for each section of a wheelchair. A track ramp can be telescoping, if not it can be folded up compactly. You may further read about wheelchair at

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